The AI-powered glossary for your team.

Clarify your jargon and measure engagement.

From the bookshelf to the modern web.

Drive uniformity throughout your website, documentation, onboarding, and projects.

Puzzle Glossary

Dynamic & Automated
  • Context - Provides background and enhances understanding.
  • Dynamic - Link text, websites, documents, images, videos.
  • Automated - AI-driven, effortless.
  • Turnkey Solution - Ready-to-go, no DIY needed.
  • Data-driven - Data, insights, and analytics.

Conventional Glossary

Static & Inflexible
  • Context - Provides background and enhances understanding.
  • Static - Text-only.
  • Manual - Hand-curated, labor-intensive.
  • DIY - You manage, start to finish.
  • Uninformed - No data, no insights.

Clarify your industry expertise

We are industry-agnostic and specialize in helping you improve your communication.

In Product

Drive SEO and engagement on your blog.

Engage readers with glossary terms directly linked to your blog posts. Provide immediate explanations for complex topics.


  • Drive keyword authority
  • Decrease bounce rates
  • Increase SEO
  • Measure user engagement

How it works:

Build a glossary in minutes.

  • 1. Import
  • 2. Curate
  • 3. Publish
  • 4. Learn

Adding content to your glossary adds more context. This context is then utilized to pinpoint the perfect definition for each term.

  • Context Enhancement: More content means more context for better term definition.
  • Web Import: Effortlessly import content from the web.
  • Multi-format Support: Import text, images, and videos.

Pricing plans that fit your needs.

Choose a plan that works for you.

Free Forever

The essentials to provide your best work for clients.


Get started
  • Unlimited glossaries.
  • Unlimited concepts in each glossary.
  • Unlimited links for each concept.
  • Publish your way.
  • Custom call-to-action for the highlight web component.


Most popular

A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.


Get started
  • Everything in the Free Forever plan.
  • Generate concepts and definitions using AI*.
  • Use AI* to suggest concepts from your uploaded content.
  • Basic metrics for your highlight web component.
  • Remove 'Powered by Puzzle Labs' branding.


A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.


Coming soon
  • Everything in the Builder plan.
  • Collaborate with your team to define concepts.
  • Advanced metrics for your highlight web component.

White Glove

Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

Contact us

Contact us
  • Everything in the Teams plan.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Custom integrations.