Build private chatbots
    for your team.

    A peer-to-peer knowledge base integrated with AI.

    Bring your context to prompts with data ownership.

    Break knowledge silos when working with AI.

    Puzzle Knowledge Base

    Store and search your knowledge with AI.
    • Prompt-first - Give your team context, not the right document.
    • Peer-to-peer - Data stored on your devices for data ownership.
    • Local-first - Our desktop app works offline.
    • LLM Agnostic - Bring your own model.
    • No storage fees - No extra costs for storage.
    • Integrate Web Content - Import sitmaps, RSS feeds, and more.

    SaaS Knowledge Bases

    Store and search and integrate your knowledge with AI.
    • Doument-first - Search for the right document.
    • Online-only - The app only works online.
    • Centralized - Your data stored on vendor servers.
    • Vendor-locked - Vendor controls which models you can use.
    • Billed for storage - You pay more as you store more.
    • No Web Content - No way to import web content.